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Hazardcards is a card game about technological accidents. On the website hazardcards.com you can play the game against a computer, view the cards, get background information, or buy a deck of cards. You can also use our quick-designer to create your own cards.

Hazardcards can be played like Top Trumps, Happy Families or whatever rules you make up for yourself. Apart from the printed information on each card, this website contains a lot of additional information, links, data, research, ressources, and texts about the characteristics of technologies and risk assessment theory.

Hazardcards were created by Robin Engelhardt at the Danish educational research institution Learning Lab Denmark at the Danish University of Education in cooperation with Peter Skovgaard/INCUBEus and was supported by the Danish Ministry of Education.

In 2008 the hazardcards project was bought by sententia and is now to be developed into a general open card wiki. You can have a preliminary look at further developments at www.opencards.net.