about me

Writing about science and society, educated as mathematical biologist and educational researcher, now mainly freelancer and always looking for new ideas.

Currently I work as a science writer and editor at the Danish newspaper Ingeniøren (ing.dk). In my spare time I try to do small publishing projects with some friends. If you are interested in contacting me or would like me to give a presentation on some of the things I write about, go here.

The most heavy book I have written is on the philosphical history of the natural sciences - ERGO - naturvidenskabens filosofiske historie. The smallest books I have written are on threat letters. Have a look here. And if you are interested in other man made disasters, have a look at the project hazardcards.com. Other interests include rediscovering Berlin, chess and a bit of the usual desktop activism. You can also have a more comprehensive look at my CV.

Contact: robin dot engelhardt at gmail dut com.
Snailmail: Linnésgade 16 D, 4, DK - 1361 Copenhagen K